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Best NGO for CSR in India:

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A Community without inequity, patriarchy, untouchability, and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity. To work in solidarity with the deprived poor and excluded and participate in their struggle to eradicate inequity, patriarchy, untouchability, and injustice.


See how you can make a difference in families lives with just Rs 5000 a month

As the best NGO in Bundelkhand India, we encourage everyone to join us in our efforts to make a difference. We invite you to donate to our cause, regardless of how small the amount may be. Your contribution will help us in supporting 

Latest Causes

Health Program

Goal : Rs.- 20000000

Raised : Rs.- 0


Goal : Rs.- 2500000

Raised : Rs.- 0

Access to Justice

Goal : Rs.- 5000000

Raised : Rs.- 1800000




Our Testimonials

Dr Dinesh Babu

Dr Dinesh Babu

Mrs Aradhana Niarala

Mrs Aradhana Niarala

Tilak Raj Anand is an Advocate in District and Session Court Jhansi. He has worked with Bundelkhand Legal Resource Centre as head of the Training Unit. Presently his work straddles many areas, including issues of Cast Based
Discrimination, gender, social sector, employment and poverty.

Mr Tilak Raj Anand

Mr Tilak Raj Anand

Co-Founder and Secretary General

Bheema Foundation

Volunteer around the Country